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Hotel Le Coucou : a luxury stay at the foot of the slopes of Méribel

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From your room to the foot of the slopes, there is only one step

Staying at Le Coucou means choosing to discover, or rediscover, an exceptional hotel ideally located in Méribel. No need for a car or a long walk to begin your day of skiing, simply just enter the ski room.

The boutique lounge has a fitting room, shop, relaxation area, and the ski room with a terrace, specially designed for snow sports lovers, which will be your take-off and landing strip throughout your stay. The ski room enables you to pick up your ski equipment, prepared with the greatest care, at any time of the day.

For those who choose to stay in one of our prestigious chalets, a private ski room with direct access to the slopes is available.


The only hotel in Meribel at the foot of the slopes

With an exceptional location, Le Coucou invites you to spend an unforgettable vacation in a place where comfort is key.

From morning to night, when the sun makes its appearance until it escapes behind a mountain slope, a breathtaking view of the exclusive village of Méribel and its valley awaits you. Le Coucou’s guests are the only ones who will experience a captivating and enchanting panorama that will take breaths away.

The interior design, imagined by French architect Pierre Yovanovitch, lends itself beautifully to the outdoor environment, creating a warm, cozy, and friendly atmosphere within the hotel's rooms (discover the rooms & suites of Le Coucou Meribel).

Thanks to its position at the foot of the slopes, Le Coucou is the promise of an exceptional stay in the mountains. In addition to its easy access to the ski area and the various winter activities, it’s service and high standing equipment awaits you within our exceptional hotel. From the Spa signed by Tata Harper, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, massage treatments, to the high-flying cuisine with the Beefbar and Biancaneve restaurant concept of a friendly Italian restaurant with fantastic flavours... At Le Coucou, everything has been thought of to ensure you have the luxury winter retreat that you need.


Le Coucou Méribel, an eco-responsible hotel above all

In addition to its unparalleled comfort, the location of Le Coucou Méribel actively participates in the environmental initiatives undertaken by Maisons Pariente.

Le Coucou contributes to the conservation of the environment. Being a luxury hotel at the foot of the slopes, no vehicle is needed which avoids any negative impact on our planet. From the first floor to the 10th floor, elevators and stairs shuttle you from your room to the Belvedere ski slope. Here lies the luxury of a ski-in ski-out hotel, which is also respectful of the environment.

Furthermore, Maisons Pariente has adopted several environmental, responsible, and societal initiatives within its establishments. It aims to contribute to the conservation of our spaces and to help those in need.


Unisoap x Maisons Pariente

Unisoap was the first French association to propose that hotels recycle their soaps for humanitarian purposes. In addition to contributing to the reduction of waste, this initiative promotes access to good hygiene throughout the world.

In line with these values, Le Coucou Méribel and the other Maisons Pariente properties recover and accumulate unused soaps before giving them to the association.


Giving Bag x Maisons Pariente

A sustainable and responsible initiative, Giving Bag has made the recovery of clothing from hotels its specialty. The concept offers our hotel guests the opportunity to donate clothing they no longer use. Rather than throwing away belongings, we invite you to give them to those in need.

Information: A Giving Bag is placed in each hotel room.


From plastic to recyclable cardboard

Aware of the harmful impact of plastic on our environment, the water bottles at Le Coucou Meribel have been replaced by cardboard cartons. This initiative is 100% recyclable and made mostly of plant-based materials. It is all part of Maisons Pariente's commitment to adopting an increasingly eco-friendly approach in its hotels.


Hotel Le Coucou Méribel will reopen on December 11th, 2021. To learn more about us and book your stay, visit our website or contact our reservations team at or by phone at au +33 (0)4 57 58 37 37.

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