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Méribel : the 5 best activities to enjoy your vacations !

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Dog sledding, a refreshing ride 

Guiding your own pack between the fir trees, gliding on the snow, pulled by trained dogs and a professional guide... It's a completely unforgettable experience that awaits you if you choose Le Coucou's sled dog rides, right in the heart of Méribel. For those who would like to enjoy the immaculate landscape and dream about the snowflakes and charms of the mountains, you can choose to wrap up warm, relax and enjoy the journey. The pack, perfectly trained, will offer you the same sensations as a trapper in the great north and will captivate you on all of the beauty of the natural surroundings. Perfect for a family outing as young children can sit in the guide's sled. We’re certain this is an activity in Méribel that you won't forget!


The ice rink of the Olympic Park, a sporty and family interlude

Do you want to feel like the next Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron? During your stay, take a break from family activities to visit the Olympic Park, in the heart of Meribel! The large ice rink offers a real sporting and welcoming break for all the members of the family. The program includes activities for all ages... We love it! Initiations and training courses are possible for those who would like to improve their skills, and equipment is available for the little ones who do not feel comfortable on ice skates yet. Every Tuesday evening, visitors can attend a wild game of ice hockey for a one-of-a-kind experience. The rink, with its delightful atmosphere, has many other surprises in store for you - in addition to putting on your skates, you can go and relax in the bowling area or in a large, heated swimming pool!


A hot air balloon to dream above the clouds

The mountain becomes magical when you see it from above! If you wish to admire the snowy landscapes from the sky, hotel Le Coucou can arrange a specialist activity in Méribel, and will organize hot air balloon flights from the Courchevel altiport. After a journey of only 40 minutes, one has the impression of entering a new world, a sublime place where one's eyes are filled with wonder. Take-off at nine o'clock, in a private gondola for a show that will be hard to forget: the sunrise over the slopes and the resorts will enchant visitors. Sounds, sensations and unique feelings: hot air ballooning is like nothing you have ever experienced. After an hour of almost dreamlike flight, you will return to skiing with stars in your eyes and a smile on your face!


A sports coach to test your endurance at altitude

Not interested in skiing but you want to enjoy all that Meribel has to offer? Perhaps you want to take advantage of the altitude to sculpt your body? You are in the perfect place! Indeed, hotel Le Coucou offers services from many sports coaches and a fitness room with the latest technology and machines. Perfect to get back on your feet, to continue to maintain your fitness or to recover after a long day of skiing! And there is nothing better than the help of a real professional, who will know how to help you sculpt your body through constructive exercises. Moreover, you should know that altitude has real benefits for the body. Like the great athletes, you can test your body's reactions to new oxygen data, for example. A moment just for yourself, in a room with many possibilities, it's ideal, isn't it?


The Piou-Piou Club

To ensure that the first hours of skiing for your little ones are moments of enchantment and that their discovery of the snow leads them to want to slalom on the black slopes in a few years... Choose the Piou-Piou club and the experience will be even more beautiful!

Part of the activities in Méribel reserved for the youngest, it is composed of ESF teachers who will give your children the love of skiing and the best techniques to progress quickly. Thanks to equipment adapted to the youngest and most colourful, children will have fun... in complete safety!

With the mini-slides, the skis designed for their little feet and the conveyor belts to help them progress, they will feel welcome and their parents relaxed. This will leave a few hours for the adults to enjoy the slopes and other activities in Méribel!


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