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Le Beefbar by Riccardo Giraudi : exceptional restaurant in Méribel

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The Beefbar, an excellent address in Méribel

Le Beefbar is the place to be for meat lovers. Kobe beef from Japan, Black Angus from the United States and Argentina, Wagyu beef from Australia... On the menu, you will discover the best meats of the world are displayed and savoured in the rules of art.

A culinary experience, the Beefbar offers its clientele a "street food" cuisine that breaks the classic codes of the steakhouse as we know it. Specialties to share, casseroles, risotto, pasta, salads, a balanced and tempting children's menu, and a superb wine cellar: on the seventh floor of Le Coucou, where excellence can be savoured in a relaxed atmosphere.

For the first opening of his concept in the mountains, Riccardo Giraudi has created a customized menu. You will find authentic mountain dishes: Pot-au-feu, Fondue au Mont d'Or, Black Cod au Génépi to be devoured at lunch or dinner time. 


A unique setting for the Beefbar

Perched on the 7th floor of Le Coucou, the Beefbar Méribel invites you to experience an exceptional setting for lunch or dinner; outside on a spacious terrace with an impressive view of the valley.

At noon, a well-deserved break is a must! Meet us on the restaurant's sunny terrace. Directly accessible from the slopes, you can have lunch in peace before putting on your skis and returning to the slopes. Unless you would prefer an afternoon lounging in the sun...

In the evening, the Beefbar Méribel opens its doors and welcomes you to a warm, chic, and relaxed setting, where your eyes will be drawn to the enchanted wall of cuckoo sculptures, signed by the artist Eric Croes, chairs designed to represent Savoyard models, and the frosted glass suspensions, wink at the shape of the ice cubes.


A friendly, elegant, and refined cuisine

At the Beefbar, the best origins and cuts of meat are carefully selected to offer innovative and exclusive concepts.

Riccardo Giraudi is a pioneer in his field. The Beefbar is not simply a gourmet restaurant. His unique and vibrant cuisine combines a taste for detail with the highest quality products imported directly from Japan, Argentina, and the United States.


Riccardo Giraudi: a designer above all

Riccardo Giraudi does not define himself as a chef. From his headquarters in Monaco, the Italian-Englishman has made exceptional meats his speciality. A true artist-designer, where eating well is an art that he masters to perfection. Like an orchestra conductor, the founder of the Beefbar Meribel restaurant surrounds himself with the best chefs to create unique and customized concepts.

"I am not a chef, I create concepts". 

Riccardo is a director. For him, the Beefbar is above all a place that symbolizes the art of living. A place where recipes popularized all over the world meet the desire for detail to give birth to succulent and refined dishes.


On the Beefbar menu

The Beefbar Méribel's cuisine is elegant and tasty and based on 3 main axes. The sublime street food, followed by the delicious specialities of comfort food, and finally, iconic desserts to savour and share.

The menu at Beefbar by Riccardo Giraudi blends flavours from around the world. While the best meats are available in all several forms (mini-burgers, grilled, barbecued, minced), you can also choose delicate tuna tartare on crispy rice or a selection of vegetarian dishes. A balanced children's menu is also available for the little ones.


Reserve your table at the Beefbar

To reserve your table, send an email to the following address

The collaboration between Le Coucou Méribel and Riccardo Giraudi does not end there. In addition to the Beefbar of Meribel, you can discover the Biancaneve (discover the map), a restaurant entirely dedicated to Italian cuisine, which welcomes you every evening from 7pm to 10pm to enjoy the best of the boot.

Biancaneve offers new evening specialities including the famous Milanese Orrecchia d'Elefante, Polpette di Vitello, Spaghetti alla Bottarga without forgetting the Panettone French toast or the Tiramisu hazelnut and black truffle.

A restaurant worth discovering!


Hotel Le Coucou Méribel will reopen on December 11th, 2021. To learn more about us and book your stay, visit our website or contact our reservations team at or by phone at au +33 (0)4 57 58 37 37.


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